Monday, July 26, 2010

pictures from Chuck E Cheese

I don't have any pictures of Boddie because he went off with Ryan to play the bigger games. Hanna stayed with Jaxon and I.

Here come the Carringtons!

My sister, Rance, Boddie, Hanna, and Jaxon all came down to visit this weekend! It was great getting to see everyone since we haven't seen them since around Thanksgiving! This was the first time Isis has been around this many small children and needless to say she was TERRIFIED! She stayed inside her igloo house stuck her head out and barked at us through the door. She was fine after we took them all outside and she gave them a good sniff down and slobbered all over them. Ryan and I took all three kids to Chuck E Cheese Saturday so Rance and Storm could rest! WHEW! We were sooo exhausted! I get to go spend a little more time with them later this week in Galveston. The picture is of Isis on her bed in our bathroom tub. She couldn't stay in the guest room so she was confined to our bathroom at night (I don't think it bothered her much...) :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Things that make my day and things that terrify me

Here is a list of things that make my day
  • naps when it's raining outside
  • Isis snuggling in the morning
  • early morning runs
  • nice drivers
  • hummus
  • babies laughing
  • sonic happy hour
  • my husband coming home in the evening
  • target
  • shoes
  • philosophy shampoo and conditioner
  • scaring people
  • my husband dancing
Things that terrify me

  • squirrels  
  • lizards  
  •  bugs
  • loosing someone I love 
  •  scary movies that are based on a true story 
  • driving in the rain