Monday, February 27, 2012

Caleb's birth story

So now that my sweet boy is almost 5 months old, I have finally sat down in order to write his birth story.

I convinced my doctor to induce me a week early since I just couldn't wait any longer to see my sweet baby boy, and I was completely over being pregnant! I was swollen from head to toe, we had just moved to a new town, still had no house, all of our furniture was in our old house (including the nursery furniture) but I wanted this boy here! So he agreed to induce me September 27th at 9:00 PM.

As Ryan and I drove to Midland Memorial, I got a phone call from labor and delivery telling me they had no room. Now if you know me I don't really like for plans to change once they had been made, so I informed the nurse that we were already half way there and we WOULD be coming to have a baby tonight! We got to the hospital and had to wait for about an hour and finally made it to our room. It is now 10:00 PM. I was thinking okay here we go, I'm going to get this medicine, the contractions are going to start, get my epidural and boom baby time....boy was I mistaken! Contractions began slowly and the pain started increasing it was a VERY long night of walking around labor and delivery with Ryan. By 9:00 AM September 28th I just couldn't take the pain any more and I received my first epidural (yes I did say my first).

After I got the epidural, I finally slept for a couple of hours. Then wait, wait, wait, slowly slowly I progressed and finally that evening around 6:00 PM Dr. Grose came in and broke my water. I received what was suppose to be another epidural because the first one had worn off by this time, however, this one wasn't done correctly and didn't take. After an hour of pretty intense pushing Caleb was born at 8:50 PM September 28. Man 22 hours of labor....WORTH EVERY MINUTE! Caleb was 7 lbs 21 1/4 inches long and just precious! He has forever changed our lives and made us love in a way we never thought possible! Recovery was very easy and we were actually released to go home the next evening!